Anodising and Surface Treatments

UK Metal Surface Treatment Facility

Sulphuric Anodising

Our anodising line has been set up for sulphuric anodising and surface treatments such as Tri-chrome passivation of aluminium.

Sulphuric Anodising is the most common form of anodising and is used in many industries ranging from catering and lighting to medical etc. The anodised film can range in thicknesses from 1 – 45 micron depending on the grade of aluminium and specific customer requirements.

At Rictor we offer Type II (Decorative) and Type III (Hard) anodising in a variety of finishes: Matt, Satin and Bright. Please use the contact form below to make an enquiry.


Surface Treatments

  • Iridite NCP
  •  Surtec 650

Why choose sulphuric anodising?

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Scratch resistant
  • Cost effective
  • 1 to 45μm coating thickness

Standard clear sulphuric anodising reflects the natural colour of the metal but the appearance can be varied by pre-treating the aluminium with processes such as bead blasting and other pre-treatments and or by varying the etching process.

Careful selection of the pre-treatment process can give the part a matt, satin, or bright finish with high corrosion resistance and a decorative appearance. It is the most versatile of all anodising processes due to its high corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. Finishes can be applied to sulphuric anodised parts which can be supplied in Matt, Satin or Bright finishes.

For more information about our anodising line, please get in touch.