Machine Capacity

Rictor is able to offer a comprehensive solution to all of your machining requirements ISO9001 approved

CNC Punching

Amada Vipros CNC Punching Cell
X3000mm Y1500mm to a maximum of 3mm thick
Lights out operation capability

Combined CNC Laser Cutting / Punching

Amada EML Punch / Laser Combination Cell
X2500mm Y1270mm to a maximum of 3mm thick
High-speed Punch and Form function
In Cycle threading capability
Lights out operation capability

Trumpf Flatbed Laser 2530

CNC Bending

Amada 7 axis CNC HFP Press Brake Cell
From 2500mm by 80 tonne to 3000mm by 100 tonne

Trumpf Trumabend V85

Trumpf Trumabend V85S

Production Presses

Stanco 250 tonne Press
2400mm x 1250mm
Double sided with cushions and windows
Stanco 160 tonne Press
1700mm x 1250mm
Double sided with cushions and windows
AIDA 150 tonne C Frame Press
1100mm x 760mm bed size
HME 55 tonne C Frame Press
1000mm x 530mm bed size
Hare Hydraulic Press
900mm x 580mm bed size
With cushions
Haeger Fastener Insertion System Presses


6 Axis Robotic MIG / TIG welding cell
Various MIG / TIG welding plants
Spot Welding facilities

CD Studwelder

Pemserter 740

Finishing Plant

Wet paint booth

Powder booth 

Beadblast unit

Shotblast unit