Now retired from IBM, the Beverley based designer – David Preston – has had a long association with advanced engineering design and production methods, having published many papers on CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Following in depth analysis of the problems associated with the slicing of bread he approached Paragon with an innovative design for a cutting guide, the Simpleslice, his aim being to sell the product via the web into the home market.

This initial design was developed and modified to suit production of the guide from a single steel blank profiled on our combined Amada CNC Punch/Laser and then bent to shape on our Amada CNC press brake cell, particular attention had to be paid to the elimination of distortion of the knife guides during this process.
The final product requires powder coating prior to being fitted with rubber feet and labels, then packaged along with a plastic slicing board and instructions before being shipped to Amazon, the on-line retailing outlet, another example of Paragons “one stop shop” service.

Visit the Simpleslice website here.